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Leopards in Uganda – uganda safari News

uganda safari leopardLeopards are among the big five animals that tourists like seeing while on their Uganda safaris. The leopard is also among the big four cats and among those it is the smallest with along body, large skull and short legs. The leopards look similar to the jaguars but they are quite slender than jaguars. Leopards in Africa stay in savannah and forested areas therefore tourists on Uganda safari may get the opportunity to see these famous animals.

Leopards feed on prey, primates, reptiles and others. There is a lot of competition finding the food because many predators fight for it like the lions, hyenas, tigers and others however the leopard is blessed with a high speed that it can run with its food for long kilometers then after climb the trees which helps it to escape from other predators. This therefore helps it survive hence attracting very many safaris to Uganda.

The leopards have attracting colors that tourists admire while on their Uganda safari. These are brown, gold, black and white. Many people hunt the leopards just to get their fur which is so nice looking. Leopards in Uganda are found in National parks like kidepo valley, Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, Lake Mburo and Semuliki National Parks. This therefore gives tourists on their safaris in Uganda the opportunity to see these animals.

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