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Let’s go do some shopping in “owino” – Uganda safari news

kampala -owino marketIn the heart of Uganda’s capital city, the true description of naturally existing ambitious salespersons can be seen singing songs of different tempos, volumes and melodies, but with a similar message of “Hey, I have what you’re looking for!” With so many entrances which capably also serve as exits you will spend a lot more time than you intended to, even after completing your shopping, not only because this is a fascinatingly hilarious place but because you just can’t easily find your way through its maze to the next exit.
Pronounced “Oh-wee-no”, Owino market is the total description of the whole kit and caboodle of necessities, luxuries and just things that will win the eye the very first time they are glanced upon. Unique in its variety of this and that, and the population of peoples of all colors, sizes, races and objectives, queued up belly-to-back and knee-to-thigh as they try to reach the next thing that interests them, Owino is just one of those places that you wouldn’t want to miss while on your Safari in Uganda.
Televisions, radios, iPods, African arts and crafts, fruits, jewelry, adjacent to a cage well stocked with racketing hens to the right and stationeries to the left, form just a tiny list of ingredients that form the Owino dish.
The second hand clothes (called omuvuumba in the local language) and shoes, for which Owino is most popular, grant the lucky few an opportunity to claim ownership of ‘original stuff’ with labels like Gucci, Armani, Adidas, Calvin Klein, at an incomprehensibly cheap rate. Who knows that while on your Uganda Safari you could come across that labeled leather coat you have for long been looking for?
The aroma from the foods like the muchomo (barbeque), chicken and chips will quickly get to your nose as you traverse the humanly forested arcade, but you are advised to have enough of a good meal at an uptown hotel or restaurant lest your Uganda Safari will be spoilt by some of these unfamiliar dishes. Perhaps you are well stocked with all that you need for your Uganda Safari, but a visit to Owino serves you to a memorably sidesplitting entertainment and the dollars that you would have paid to a cinema hall can be saved. Remember that at this point, a jumble of people with dissimilar objectives comes, so keep your “Valuables” safe, better not to travel with them at all.
“Get yourself ready, we are going shopping!”

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