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Leveling the ground for the pope’s visit in November 2015 – Uganda safaris news

pope FrancisThe destination Uganda which is always visited by travelers on Uganda safaris and tours is set host another significant event in history with the visit of the reigning Pope Francis in November late this year.
The Pope was quoted noting that he would embark on the safari to Africa including a safari to Uganda and Central African Republic later this year. The visit will definitely mark his first step in Africa and Uganda would be the first African country to host three (3) popes. Despite the fact that the Catholic Church in Uganda has not yet got any formal communication that confirms the visiting of the pope, the events that are following have positive indicators that the pope would be in Uganda in November 2015.
The pope’s visit can be seen as a reinforcement of the ideals of the catholic faith in the country but also the other great benefits associated with his visit cannot be overlooked. For example the event presents a good marketing platform for Uganda which would be of an advantage in its business, branding and tourism industry. The coverage and the publicity that will be accorded to Uganda would prompt various travelers to plan safaris to Uganda either to be part of the pope’s visit or to visit later and have an encounter with this God gifted country.
The Question of the day is about the leveling the ground for the visiting o the pope. The Catholic Church and the government have to work together to ensure that this matter is handled with early preparations in order to ensure its success-fulness.
The visiting of the pope is considered as the other major event to be hosted in Uganda following the Common Wealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) that was hosted in 2007. Therefore the late preparations that characterized this past event should not in any way feature in this forth coming event of a similar stature.
The fact that Uganda will be in the evening hours of the elections in the early 2016, the best way would be identifying a respective committee composed of eminent individuals that have got less political load so as not to jeopardize the event. The world over can opt to be part of the event by undertaking a safari in Uganda during those days.
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