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Lions in Uganda- uganda safari News

uganda safari -lionLions are among the largest animals in Uganda and they take the second position the first being tigers therefore attracting many safaris to Uganda. They are considered to be so strong and noble animals that people do not easily face. There are four big cats in Uganda inclusive of the lions but however the Lions are not social to human beings like some other cats. The lions mostly associate with the tigers, leopards and jaguars.

Lions are currently present in Asian which are 100 in number and sub Saharan Africa having 1000 lions therefore leading roads to safaris in Uganda to see the strong animals. These are found in areas with shade like the savannah grasslands and the areas with a lot of acacia trees therefore as tourists visit these areas while on their Uganda safaris they can get the chance to see these animals. The lions are carnivores and they feed on animals and human beings that they kill themselves. The lioness plays the part of hunting as the lion protects her.

Tourists on their safaris in Uganda can find the lions in different National Parks like Queen Elizabeth in the Ishasha sector where they will find the rare tree climbing lions that climb the trees to cool their temperatures. Kidepo National Park and Murchison falls National Park also give tourists the opportunity to see the lions therefore enjoying their Uganda safari and attracting more tourists to come and safaris the country hence boosting the economy of Uganda.

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