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Local People to improve the Tourism Sector-Uganda safari News

elephants The tourism sector is the major leading sector in Uganda which has therefore developed the country. This therefore attracts more tourists to come and safari Uganda. This sector has been supported by many European countries that have been extending their funds to Uganda so as to boost the tourism sector hence developing Uganda.

However due to the anti Homosexuality bill that the President of Uganda signed, the countries dropped their funding. This has therefore under developed the tourism sector which has reduced the number of Uganda visits. The European countries wanted Uganda to adopt Homosexuality and since Ugandans refused the countries also dropped the funding hence reducing the number of safaris to Uganda.

The tour operators together with the Uganda Wildlife Authority are working hard so as to encourage the local people to create local crafts that can attract tourists to come to tour Uganda. The local people have therefore decided to make craft clothes, key holder, hats, and so many craft things that have attracted tourists while on their Uganda visits. The local people have also conserved the National parks and other areas that tourists safari while in Uganda which has attract more Uganda safaris hence increasing more tours to Uganda and making Uganda a tourist destination.

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