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Looking at two interesting transportation types in Kampala – Uganda safari news

boda bodas in ugandaif we were not able to move from one place to another, we would not be able to transform our dreams into reality. Uganda has discovered the importance of transportation in daily human lives a reason why she has a diversity of transport means. Our transportation system is one intentionally and unintentionally designed to fill you with a deep sense of fascination while on your Safaris and Tours to Uganda. Choosing the right transportation type for a specific errand is the trick behind enjoying your time in Uganda
Whether you travel in one or not, commuter taxis are something you will have to see. Our taxis are something you have not seen before; or maybe doing what they are designated to do in Uganda. The majority are white vans with blue stripes which go to practically any part of the country. They are designed for 14 passengers but the operators tend to squeeze in a few more people, just to get a bonus on top of the rightful revenue kilometers.
The advantage about our taxis is that they rarely charge basing on mileage but prices change depending on the time of the day and seasons of the year. In Kampala, Prices are higher in the mornings and evenings as people travel to and from work respectively. While on your Uganda Safari and Tour you will be impressed at how skillful the drivers of these blue-striped boxes are. A more fascinating place, which may require you to take a photo of, is the taxi park in the heart of Kampala. This place will have you questioning how they even get in and out.
Number two are the motorbikes, which have a number of names in Uganda. Let’s see if you can say this; boda – boda; (bo – da bo – da). Or we also call them Piki-Piki (pee-kee pee-kee).
Perfect! That was easy. So make sure to surprise someone when you come for your safari experience in Uganda.
Boda bodas are the best alternative if you want to quickly get through the traffic or simply just want to travel faster. There are so many of them that you will not have to look so much to find at least fifty to choose from. Boda bodas should be left to the adventurous ones because the “boda boda pilots” tend to do stunts that might make the less daring people uncomfortable. It is also highly advisable that you choose one who has a helmet for the passenger or just purchase a helmet for your safety.
Don’t beat yourself up if these two transportation alternatives sound to outgoing for you. There are a number of Car Hire agents who also offer chauffeurs to drive you to your desired destinations. In the comfort of your air conditioned vehicle you can enjoy your Uganda Safari experience and can still look through the windows to be entertained by the fascinating taxis and the boda bodas.

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