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Luganda Language Attracting Safaris to Uganda-Uganda safari News

muzunguAs tourists come for safaris in Uganda they find this new language known as ‘Luganda’. It is the most popular language spoken by many people in Uganda including the non baganda. It is so interesting since people use it along side English therefore they are the two common languages used in Uganda.

 It is so interesting that as some tourists come for Uganda visits they pick up some luganda words and start using them which makes Ugandans happy as they see the whites adopting their language. They speak words like ‘Muzungu’ meaning whites which is mainly screamed by the African children as they see whites along the road, ‘Wasuzze otya’ meaning good morning,’ Sula bulungi’ meaning good night. These are the easiest words that tourists learn from the luganda language as they come for Uganda tours.

Most of the time when the tourists learn these words, they always want to speak them. Therefore as they pass along the road and find people they always greet them in luganda. When the blacks scream calling them ‘Muzungu’ meaning whites they will say ‘Mudugavu’ meaning the blacks. This amazes the Africans and keeps smiles on their faces. However the tourists also become happy hence this makes their safari visits to Uganda awesome.

This has increased the number of safari visits in Uganda since as the tourists go back to their countries they tell their families and friends about this interesting language and the sweet people who speak it. This attracts the rest to come and enjoy the beauty of Uganda hence increasing the number of  safari tour in Uganda and hence make Uganda a tourist destination.

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