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lutembe bay in Uganda; the bird paradise

Lutembe bayLocated on the shores of Lake Victoria, Lutembe bay which is a famous site for birding safaris in Uganda is considered among the wetlands of International Significance or commonly known as the Ramsar site having received the status in the year 2006.
The shallow sheltered bay is positioned at the northern shore of Victoria Lake in the district of Wakiso is sheltered from the main lake by huge Papyrus Island and its vegetated, sheltered shoreline along with the Islands that are muddy present roofing and nesting sites for counts of birds along with other biodiversity always encountered on Uganda safaris
Lutembe Bay is known to be among the main migration stop overs and stands as one of the remarkable bird watching sites in the Lake Victoria Basin. The site acts as a host of both indigenous and millions of Palearctic migrants especially the enormous flocks of White-winged Terns and Grey-headed Gulls. A range of other Species of interest includes the Hottentot Teal, Caspian Tern, Temminck’s Stint and the Broad-billed Sandpiper and Great Knot that have been recorded of recent.
The Lutembe wetland is part of the greater Murchison bay which is rich in the counts of Plant and animal Species. The bay provides materials for construction and craft products the local communities, energy products, fish, medicine and drinking water. The Lutembe wetland goes ahead to play a significant role as it acts as spawning ground for fish, feeding and roosting grounds for fish, wastewater cleaning, transport, retention of pollutants and sediments and defending floods.
Lutembe Wetland features bird species that are globally threatened bird species, the cichlid fish which is endangered and over 100 Species of butterfly. It acts a rich ground for Lung and Clarius fish breeding and supports over 52% of the counts of White-winged Black Tern always encountered by travelers on safari in Uganda
Lutembe bay is close to Kampala city and the Entebbe International Airport thus making its accessibility easier. It can also be noted that being an Important Bird Area, it has a site support group steered by the local community responsible for the conservation and sustainable utilization of the area’s natural resources and this support Group is known as Lutembe Wetland Users association (LWUA).
Visiting the Lutembe bay is such a wonder that one should endeavor to undertake. Encountering the millions of birds as they fly in patterns at once creating a shadow after blocking the sun and then they land again making the place quiet again presents one of the rewarding bird views one can ever have in Uganda
The migratory birds are noted to be flying from liberia without stopping up to Lutembe in Uganda which is a wonder to hear of. The birds come as far as Scandinavia, Russia and the Main land Europe. The bird thrive for nine (9) months in Uganda and then fly back to Europe to breed whereas some fly without stopping to and from the famous Caspian Sea.
In fact around 2000, the Lutembe Wetland had close to the entire white winged terns populations counting to more than 3.5 million birds. These birds are noted to start arriving in September and October and then depart amid February and March. In their European habitats they are encountered amid May and June and it can be noted that in each year the birds come with their young ones that they hatched in the last season. On their flight to Uganda, the terms make en route stops in Egypt and Sudan along the Nile River while the gulls have the capacity to fly from Caspian Sea to Lutembe without stopping.
This combine to justify your Uganda tour to Lutembe bay.

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