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Mabira forestMabira Forest is the biggest rain forest found in central in Uganda and is has attracted many safaris to Uganda as tourists come to study more about the forest. Mabira forest is located between jinja and lugazi in Buikwe District. From 1932 up to date the forest has been protected as a forest reserve and it covers around 300 square kilometres. From Kampala Mabira forest is about 54km and 20km from jinja. There is a signpost to direct tourists on Uganda safari just before Najjemba market.

mabira forestMabira forest is a mature tropical rain forest that lies along Jinja road with great biodiversity concentration that is usually encountered on Uganda safaris and tours. Stretching to 30,600ha in the districts of Buikwe and Jinja with an altitudinal level of 1,070 – 1,340m above sea level, Mabira rain forest is one of the closest Uganda safari destinations to Kampala which is the country’s capital.
The Mabira Rain forest is 60km from Kampala and has got verdant bio-diversity concentration thus offering a perfect escape for both domestic and international travellers on safari tours in Uganda. The forest gets about 62% of the forest reserves’ visiting tourists in Uganda and the trend is increasing. It is also a great water catchment for Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga and River through River Sezibwa and Musamya. Mabira is a unique forest of its size, richness and quality in central Uganda.

Mabira has got 315 bird species with 74 of the 144 Guinea-Congo biome species that occur in Uganda including; Nahan’s Francolin which is listed as endangered, White-spotted fluff tail, Cassin’s Hawk eagle, Afep Pigeon, Dusky long-tailed Cucko, grey parrot, Speckled Tinker bird, Fire-crested Alethe, Red-Capped Robin-chat, honey guide greenbul, green breasted pitta, Jameson’s and chestnut wattle-eyes, yellow crested, spackle-breasted brown eared, buff-spotted and grey wood peckers, Cassin’s honey guide, sooty boubou and grey-green bush shrike among others which inspire birders to plan safaris to Uganda.

Besides birds, Mabira forest has other nine (9) species that are restricted in range to the forest including the newly discovered Mangabey species Lophocebusalbigena johnstoni and short tailed fruit bat. This combine to make Mabira forest a must visit place for travellers to encounter while on Uganda safaris.

Sometime ago the government of Uganda wanted to sell part of mabira forest about 70 square kilometers to Mheta group for purposes of sugar plantation so as to provide employment opportunities to the people. However the local people, Kabaka of Buganda and the environmentalists disagreed with the decision and Kabaka offered land for sugar plantation. The decision was later suspended which has therefore led to the up to date existence of Mabira forest hence attracting more safaris to Uganda.

Mabira forest has very many different species that tourists on Uganda safaris watch as they visit the forest. The forest has 312 tree species that tourists get to know as they are in the forest, 40 species of mammals like monkeys, mangabeys and others, 315 species of birds like Yellow-crested, African Dwarf-kingfisher, Afep Pigeon and others, 97 species of moths, 218 species of butterflies. These unique species in the forest give tourists a unique experience while on their safaris in Uganda.

Mabira forest has 10 forest trails like the gangu Ridge trail, cycling routes and others that enable tourists on Uganda safaris visit the forest at any time they want. There are both guided and unguided walks in the forest and therefore the tourists are given the opportunity to choose what is comfortable for them therefore getting a good time while on their safaris in Uganda.


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