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Making a transit game viewing in Lake Mburo national park – Uganda safari news

lake mburo national parkLake Mburo National Park positioned in the south west of Uganda is one of the famously encountered Uganda safari destinations with counts of wild game. The park which is also listed as the smallest savannah park in Uganda contain the Impala antelope in the whole of Uganda and has the highest counts of Burchell’s Zebra far higher than Kidepo and Pian Upe which are also encountered by travellers on safaris in Uganda.
The Lake Mburo National Park has positioned its self as a transit game viewing center for travellers on Uganda gorilla trekking safaris and tours to Bwindi and Mgahinga or wildlife Uganda safaris to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Whether you wish to spend an overnight in the park or drive through continuing to your respective destinations, Lake Mburo is by no means an ordinary destination.
Besides Impala and Zebra, the park is a home to counts of Topi, elands, warthogs, hyenas, buffaloes, and waterbuck among other wild game. The impressive savannah landscapes dotted with acacia vegetation and series of Precambrian rocks which date to over 500 million years ago combine to make Lake Mburo a must visit transit destination while planning a safari to Uganda.
The park presents a perfect en route along the long drive from the remote destinations in the southwest to Kampala after having a traditional lunch at the famous Igongo Cultural Center. This experience should be considered while planning safaris to Uganda.
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