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Maramagambo Forest found in Uganda-Uganda safari News

maramagambo forestMaramagambo forest is located in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park and is found in the Bushenyi part of Uganda and this attracts many safaris to Uganda. The name Maramagambo derives from the local tale where a number of people got lost from this forest as they failed to get the paths out for some good days. After finding their way out they reached the village and they were speechless which made a conclusion to the name Maramagambo which meant “end of words”.

Maramagambo forest has a lot of attractions that tourists on Uganda safaris watch which include the crater lakes like Nyamasingiri and Kyasanduka which enables the kayaking activity, mammals also attract tourists like the chimpanzees which enable tracking, monkeys, antelopes, elephants and others, there are birds like the pigeons, bat cave that give tourists on Uganda safari the chance to see the bats and pythons, Tourists also carryout guided walks and un guided walks through the forest as they see different attractions.

The bat caves in Maramagambo forest at one time were visited by a tourist who later died and it was said that it were the bats who spread the Marburg virus to her. This therefore reduced safaris to Uganda because the news had spread. The caves were then closed because of the incident. However later it was known that the bats were not the problem because they are many in Uganda and they always fly and interact with the local people but nothing like that report has come up therefore the bat cave is now visited by tourists while on their safaris in Uganda.

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