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Marketing to develop Uganda’s tourism – Uganda safaris

hippos- uganda safari attractionsMarket is so essential for the promotion of Uganda’s tourism; this is because it’s the only factor which can help in increasing Uganda safaris with in the country. Uganda has been facing a serious problem of lack of marketing of the tourism sector which has brought bout underdevelopment of the sector with in the country.

Marketing is so important and this means that it will solve all the problems of not getting tourists to come for safaris to Uganda, this will automatically affect the tourism industry which will reduce the revenues of the country.

It’s hard to believe that the tourism sector which is considered to be the highest foreign exchange earner is not well marketed; this will not allow the industry to grow since many people will remain unaware about the sector in Uganda. This will however affected the number of safaris which are carried out in Uganda.

It has been realized that many tourists have come to Uganda for safaris, and it’s said that this might improve if Uganda is well marketed as a tourist destination. This will increase on the knowledge about Uganda to the outside world which in return will help in increasing tour visits to Uganda.

The government should however increase the amount of money which is given to the tourism sector, this will help in facilitating the sector inform of developing standard hotels and also encouraging the construction of new roads  especially to the national parks were activities are carried out. This will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for safari tours to Uganda.

The promotion of the tourism sector of Uganda can be done on the internet, using brochures, flyers, using social Medias, television marketing, Radios and many others. All these can favorably help in marketing the tourism sector in Uganda. This will help in improving the tourism sector and then increase the number of safaris to Uganda.
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