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Media crackdown to affect the tourism sector – Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours

Uganda safaris are to be greatly affected due to the breakdown of the media; that’s to say the closure of monitor news paper and Red paper, more so, Uganda‘s investment and tourism image is at stake since this incidence will reduce on the number of visitors who come for safaris in Uganda.

Since the closure of monitor publications and Red pepper, there have been several inquiries about the status of the country ‘security by potential investors and tourists who come for tours to Uganda.

In such a situation, the government and the media should find ways of solving such a problem because this act can worsen the image of Uganda at the same time affecting tourists who would like to come for tour visits to Uganda.

The switching off of KFM radio and Dembe radio led to short falls in providing of information to the public which affected greatly the tourism sector in the way that the visitors lacked updates about their safaris and other tours.

Mr Wekesa Amos also added that the police before taking action would have thought about the negative impact that would have resulted from the incidence and how it would affect the image of Uganda. This affects the sector since it will impact Uganda’s position on the global market.

Despite the media incidence, tour holidays to Uganda are still on market as described in the lonely planet magazine and other magazines. Uganda still sales a variety of bird species, wild life, and the rare mountain gorillas that have been’ a hot cake to Uganda.’

Uganda tour excursions can greatly be affected due to the presence of such breakages and this can greatly led to reduction in the numbers of visitors who come to Uganda to participate in different tourism activities.

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