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Meeting held to discuss ways of how to boost the Tourism Sector -Uganda safari News

tree climbing lionsA meeting was held among the East African states so as to find ways on how to boost the sector. The meeting aimed at having good safaris in Uganda, well handling of the tour guides, and all other issues concerning the tourism sector. This meeting helped the tour operators raise their problem and also got  a way forward of how to boost the tourism sector.

 In the meeting the leaders thanked the tour operators for their continued efforts in the sector so as to put it in the top most position. The tour operators have worked so hard so as to have more visits in Uganda through on line marketing, fliers, Brochures, Exhibitions, Trade fairs and many others. This has therefore promoted the tourism sector in different regions hence more Uganda safaris.

The Uganda Tourism Board says tourism is a potential sector that needs to be developed so as to develop Uganda. The sector has the highest contribution to the gross domestic product of Uganda. Therefore it has the potential to improve the economic growth of Uganda. This in return provides employment opportunities to people hence developing Uganda.

 The tourism sector has problems such as poaching where poachers kill animals in search for meat, skin for craft and sale and others sell animals themselves. There also  problems of diseases which also attack the animals and therefore reduce their number, There is also a problem of habitant loss and displacement hence forcing  the animals to move to other countries. However these problems are being solved so as to have more tours to Uganda.

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