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Having memorable birding experience with Uganda’s most humble Shoe bill-Uganda safari News

shoe bill-imageUganda is one of the destinations in the whole of African continent which is well-known for its diverse bird species and this has attracted various birder lovers to book safaris to Uganda. The country’s bird species are spread through the whole country and this provider birders on their Uganda safaris to enjoy watching various bird species in whatever region of the country but mostly bird watching can be perfectly enjoyed in the national parks of Uganda.
Uganda the pearl of Africa is indeed birding paradise because the country houses different worldwide endangered species among these include the rare shoe bill also popularly known as the shoe billed stork .The world’s endangered species of the shoe bill are found mostly in the wetland areas and so many tourists who are on their safaris in Uganda have had chance to enjoy watching this rare species of the birders.
The Uganda’s humble shoe bill got its name from its unique shoe-shaped bill and its very large stork like bird which is getting extinct and lost in the whole world but your safaris to Uganda will provide you with the opportunity of watching this interesting bird species.
The shoe bill is the only bird with unique behaviours and they are characterised by being slow in whatever they do but accurate, and they also prefer staying in specific place for some good time and hence sometimes making them look like statutes. This specific bird species like places which are cool without any human disturbances and once they experience disturbances, they tend to react by leaving their specific nesting places to other place. This has been problem to them because many places in the world are disturbed by human actions.
The shoe bill bird species mostly find their food in the f muddy waters and this makes the swarms to be their best habitants and their diet in this places is mainly composed of the frogs, water small snakes, baby crocodiles as well as the lung fish plus even the cat fish .These well-known species of the world which are not getting extinct now and then attract many safari tours to Uganda because the country is one of the countries in the world with some few wetlands which are the best homes of these species.
The reason as to why the shoe bill stork are getting endangered is that they have low productivity rate and this is experienced by its nature of laying only two eggs in the whole year and mainly due to their solitary nature they rarely nest in their respective colonies.
Uganda safaris offer visitors an opportunity to watch these world endangered species of the shoe bill together with other bird species .This interesting prehistoric bird s can found in the Uganda’s largest national park Murchison falls especially down in the Nile as well as the Queen Elizabeth remote area of the Ishasha Island plus the Mabamba wetland.Therefoe confirm your Safaris to Uganda and be part of the world registered list of birders who have had memorable experiences with the Uganda’s humble shoe bill stork.
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