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Bird Nest Lake Resort-Lake Bunyonyi

Isunga Lodge

As the volume of Uganda Safari tour undertakers keep raising, many lodges are being established to serve the growing market. Isunga Lodge is one of the facilities that have recently established around Kibale National Park where Chimpanzee safaris in Uganda
Bird Nest Lake Resort-Lake Bunyonyi
This elegant tented camp is located in a patch of evergreen forest, just outside the southern part of Kibale Forest National Park. It borders the Magombe swamp, known for the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary and is a mere 10 min drive
Uganda Safari Lodges
The lodge is located in Kanyanchu on the way to Bigondi Village, the site of the lodge was carefully chosen, and it commands the view of Kibale National park forest and Rwenzori Mountains, the portal peaks. The Lodge blends into
Mountains of the moon hotel - fort portal
Mountains of the Moon Hotel is a midrange hotel located in Fortpotal Town which offers accommodation, an outdoor pool along with a restaurant. The Hotel offers air-conditioned accommodations with complimentary newspapers and hair dryers. Flat-screen televisions come with satellite channels.
Uganda Safari Accommodation
Turaco Treetops offer guests a unique experience in the forest with stunning views over the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains. Turaco Treetops is the place to go on a chimpanzee trekking, share tasty meals, laugh, read a book near a fire place,