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Monkeys are fun to track in Uganda – Uganda safaris

monkeysUganda safaris have been developed due to monkey tracking which has highly been developed in Uganda. Monkey tracking has come fast on the heels of the more sought after mountain gorilla tracking. Tourists can take a four hour trek to see golden monkeys and other species of monkeys.

A visit to Uganda can expose you to the swift monkeys which keep themselves busy by pulling faces, grooming each other and flying between tree branches. These monkeys are currently found in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and some forests in Uganda. Unlike human beings, monkeys and gorillas freely move between the many countries without visas.

The golden monkey trek gives one a chance to see the apes in action and how they pet with each other in the wild. The golden monkeys have single male multi family, meaning there is only one resident male and several adult females, plus young ones of varying ages. However, for reinforcement, between three and 11 outside males are accepted to join the group temporarily during the breeding season. These interesting features have attracted many safaris in Uganda.

For monkeys, communication is done fluently by vocal sounds, sign language and facial expressions. Monkeys eat 33 record plant species, including fruits and flowers. Their menu also comprises small invertebrates and bamboo leaves, which make up the bulk of the diet. A tour Adventure to Uganda will expose you to these interesting monkeys.

The habitat of golden monkeys is in the evergreen semi-deciduous and bamboo forests. Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) directorate of conservation has now completed the process of habituating a family of golden monkeys for experiential tourism.

Bookings for golden monkey expeditions are done at UWA and the tracking is mainly done at Mgahinga National Park where there are many different species of monkeys that can be watched by the tourists.

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