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More to Ngamba than Chimps – Uganda Safari News

ngamba island -sactuaryFor so long, travelers on Uganda safaris to Ngamba Island visit the Island to enjoy the views of the rescued orphaned chimps that are protected in the Island, but to your own surprise, Ngamba Island is also a birding destination with over 130 different bird species. These are very delightful and charming to visitors on their Uganda safaris.
The different bird species housed in the Island include the forest birds which are supported by the surrounding forest vegetation in the Island, waterbird species that survive in the water banks of Lake Victoria were the Island is located are all attractive and eye-catching to any travelers on Uganda safari tour to Ngamba Island. The bird list which venerate the areas with Ngamba Island include the species of Long-tailed cormorant, Greater cormorant, hite pelican, Pink backed pelican, Goliath heron, Ardea goliath, headed heron, Little egret, Egretta garzetta among others.
The famous Ngamba Island is also a natural habitat for unique plant life and tree species. Of the 100 acres of land covered by the island, almost ninety-eight percent is forested area and this offers room for different tourist activities like forest walks which are rewarding with the views of different birds, evergreen trees, and also nature walks in the forested areas of the Island.
In addition, the Island is safe haven for exclusive but unique reptile species such as different types of lizards, snakes and this makes experience to visitors on Uganda safari destination of Ngamba more than just chimpanzee experience but he or she will enjoy the views of different unique reptiles supported in the forest areas of the Island.
However, the chimpanzee experience forms the highlight of your safari tour to Uganda’s Ngamba because the safari will expose you to the views of the human cousins when they are being fed in their supplementary feeding hours at 11:00 am in the morning and afternoon at 3:00 pm. Your safari to Uganda’s tour destination of Ngamba will avail you that unique chance to spend time viewing the chimps when they are struggling for food, collect their fruits, and also care for their rescued young ones, the experience is a lifetime experience to stay with these orphan species chimpanzees which have found life in Ngamba Island.
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