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More tourism potentials in Uganda – Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

african male lion in KidepoThe tourism industry in Uganda is growing at a high rate and this means that there are high revenues which are expected to be generated from the tourism sector in Uganda. Because of the growth of the industry, the number of Uganda safaris is increasing with in the country.

Uganda has got many tourist attractions which have continued to attract many tourists to come for safaris to Uganda. These include; mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, chimpanzees, cultural safaris, nature and land scape tours, all these have helped in increasing the revenues of the country.

Uganda has many tourism potentials which are not yet exploited for tourism development, these potentials include; marine tourism, spot fishing, cultural tourism needs more emphasis in order to promote more safaris in Uganda. This will help in improving the development of the tourism sector.

Uganda’s tourism sector is mainly based on the mountain gorillas and birding since these two activities bring in more revenues to the country, this is important since the tourism sector has improved and also increased safari tours to the country.

The minister of tourism, Hon. Maria Mutagamba said that there is need to exploit all the tourism potentials in the country since this has helped in improving the tourism sector and also helping in promoting safari visits to Uganda, hence increasing visitors to Uganda.

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