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Mountain Elgon and its tour features – Uganda Safaris & Tours

Mt. Elgon national parkMountain Elgon is one of the mountains in Uganda which has attracted tourists for mountain climbing safaris. Mount Elgon is an extinct shield volcano on the border of Uganda and Kenya, north of Kisumu and west of Kitale. The mountain’s highest point, named “Wagagai”, is located entirely within the country of Uganda. This mountain has greatly attracted many tour visits to Uganda.

The mountain soils are red laterite. The mountain is the catchment area for the several rivers such as the Suam River which becomes the Turkwel downstream and which drains into Lake Turkana, the Nzoia River and the Lwakhakha which flow to Lake Victoria. The town of Kitale is in the foothills of the mountain. The area around the mountain is protected by two Mount Elgon National Parks one on each side of the international border. These lakes and rivers on the mountain have greatly attracted many tour expeditions to Uganda.

Mt. Elgon’s vegetation is banded into broad zones whose characteristics are dictated by altitude and rainfall. The lower mountain slopes are covered with dense forest and regenerating forests, hung with vine-like lianas, epiphytes and lichens. The floor is covered with a carpet of ferns, orchids and flowering plants. Many tourists are the vegetation and most of them have travelled to have a glance at the maturing vegetation of the place.

The main attraction at this park is the caves. They are Four namely Kitum, Makingeni, Chepnyalil and Ngwarisha, the largest being Kitum. Kitum is a Maasai word meaning Ceremony. Recent studies have shown that elephants and other mammals are major contributors to the development of these unique natural phenomena. The animals frequently visit at night to ‘mine’ the natural salt by licking it from the cave walls.

Other attractions that are found at mountain Elgon are Flora and Fauna, Bird Watching, Wildlife, Spectacular Waterfall, Jackson’s Pool and Jackson’s Peak, The peaks and the caldera and Sipi Falls. All these attractions have led to the promotion of safaris to Mountain Elgon.

There are many activities carried out at Elgon and these include; trekking Trailheads, Hiking, Camping, and Game Viewing around the Mountain, Horse Riding, and Picnicking, all these are done by the tourists who come for any tour safari in Uganda

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