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Mountain gorilla tracking experience in Mgahinga Gorrilla park – Uganda safaris News

gorilla safaris in MgahingaMgahinga Gorilla National Park is popularly known today due to its ability to house the world’s endangered species of the mountain gorillas and this has made the park to be second to Bwindi in attracting tourists interested in gorilla trekking experiences to undertake gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda. The park’s 33.7 sq. km is occupied with the bamboo vegetation especially in the slopes of the three extinct volcanoes of the virunga massifs. The stunning Virungas are habitat to different ape species and these apes include mountain gorillas which are the most wanted to trek by the visitors on their Uganda safaris and tours.
The habituated gorilla group which can be trekked by tourists on their Uganda gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Mgahinga Park is the Nyakagezi gorilla group, which is made up of nine individual members involving  two silver backs as well as the three adult females and two juveniles and 2 infants. Trekking this mountain group is very interesting because the group is nomadic hence keeps on moving from one side of the park to another and hence the trekkers have to hike the volcanoes and in the process they are rewarded with the views of different primates, plant life and bird species.
Mountain Gorilla tracking tours in Uganda‘s Mgahinga national park proves to be hectic and strenuous. The most recommended activity takes almost the whole day because encountering gorillas in the forest can take trekkers as fast as 30 minutes and as long as 5-6 hours depending on how far the mountain gorilla group moved from their usual habitat. The activity is done under the guidance of an experienced guide ranger and it involves moving through the rugged land scape, forests and hiking the famous three volcanoes found in the park.
Gorilla trekking safari tours in Uganda need travelers who are physically fit, not suffering from any other air borne disease because trekking mountain gorillas is done in mountainous areas of south western part of Uganda. Before tourists start trekking the mountain gorillas, they are divided into groups of eight, and briefed before they set off to start looking for the mountain gorillas. For any visitor who is sick, he or she is not allowed to enter the forest to trek the gorilla because the mountain gorillas are like human beings hence can be affected by the human diseases. When the trekkers meet the mountain gorillas, they are allowed to be with them for one magical hour .This is the most rewarding time because the trekkers come to study the gorillas ,view them face to face and the experience gained is long lasting in the memories of the trekkers. Gorilla trekking experience should be dream of any world traveler and this can be enjoyed only when one confirms safari to Uganda the pearl of Africa.
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