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Mountain gorillas and family planning.- Uganda Safari News

mountain gorillasMountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda have got unique features and some of them include; having family planning which helps them to control their numbers, this has attracted many tourists who have come for mountain gorilla trekking to Uganda, hence increasing the revenues of the country.

Female Mountain gorillas take one to two years to give birth to another baby gorilla, this helps them to space their young ones properly, and this has greatly helped in enhancing and limiting the improper increase of their numbers, this can help in conserving and preserving of these primates hence increasing gorilla tracking safaris to Uganda.

Apart from the family planning methods, mountain gorillas have also got other characteristics which include; spending most of their time feeding and sleeping, responding to human nature and many more which have helped in attracting more gorilla safaris.

Bwindi impenetrable national parks has half of the mountain gorillas which are remaining in the wild, this means that this park has continued to attract many gorilla trekking tours to Uganda which has helped in improving the tourism sector since these primates have earned Uganda high revenues.

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