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Mountain Gorillas Living in Central Africa-Uganda safari news

Mountain gogorillarillas in Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo are all considered to be endangered species and these are faced by many challenges which have retarded their increase in number. These have mainly happened in their habitants hence affecting the mountain gorilla trekking safaris in central Africa, which has reduced the revenues of the country.

Poaching and habitant loss have greatly affected the mountain gorillas in Africa, since the people living near the habitants have greatly encroached the national parks where these gorillas are living. Many people have greatly killed these endangered species which has affected the number of gorilla tracking visits to Central Africa.

The benefit sharing schemes with the local communities have greatly helped in conserving and protecting the mountain gorillas which has helped in increasing the number of mountain gorillas in Africa. This has brought about increased revenues and the gorilla safaris to the three countries where they are found.

The mountain gorillas have been conserved by many organizations and these have put up many projects which have helped in preserving and protecting the mountain gorillas in Africa. Therefore, it’s necessary to avoid the threats which are affecting the mountain gorillas. These include; poaching, diseases, habitant loss, and many others. However, these are found in Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda, in volcanoes national park in Rwanda, and also in Virunga national park in Congo.

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