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Mountain gorillas of Uganda

Mountain gorillas in UgandaUganda being a small landlocked country is one of the blessed countries in Africa to habituate the mountain gorillas which are critically endangered. The country is the luckiest to habituate the largest number of this species found in two of her beautiful national parks of Bwindi and Mgahinga presenting a rich ground for Uganda gorilla safaris.
Mountain gorillas are found or stay in troops/family headed by a male adult silver back. The male silver bucks are called by their names because they have silver-colored hair which develops on their backs as they age. The silverback controls the movement of the group and leads them to suitable feeding sites all year round. Mountain Gorillas mainly feed on vegetation and they use their morning hours to look for food and afternoon hours to relax. The afternoon hours (relaxing time) are very important for the mountain gorillas, this is the time they spend to interact and create good relationship within the group. Coming to night hours Gorillas go to sleep and they sleep where night time finds them. When going to sleep, each gorilla construct it nest and this is done every day. Gorilla Safaris to Uganda present an impressive moment to enjoy the sights of these primates.
The gorillas are social animals and thrive in groups that are kept together by the connectivity among the mature males and females. They become aggressive when two silverbacks meet, but aggression is minimal within the group. They also experience fear when they encounter with reptiles especially baby gorillas are very afraid of water and snakes.
Bwindi impenetrable National park is found in Uganda’s southwest in the Albertine rift marked with the mountainous terrain of Kigezi highlands. Being the only national part with the highest number of Mountain gorillas, the park has attracted a great number of gorilla safaris in Uganda. The park is covered by an ancient forest that date back to over 25,000 years and the home to this critically endangered mountain gorillas. Gorilla tracking safaris in this national park is one of the beautiful and unique experiences tourists can take home.
Mgahinga national park also provides tourists the chance to undertake gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and is a perfect alternative in case the gorilla permits of Bwindi are over. The habitat also presents opportunity for tracking golden monkeys.

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