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The mountain gorillas of ruhija – Uganda gorilla safari news

ruhija gorilla familyPerched in the Uganda gorilla trekking safari haven of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Ruhija sector lies in the eastern boundary of the park in the district of Kabale. Being the highest point in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where 400 mountain gorillas almost a half of 880 mountain gorillas that are apparently known to be thriving in the wild, Ruhija presents a memorable gorilla safari encounter in Uganda.
The altitude on which it lies gives travellers on gorilla safaris in Uganda a challenge hike traversing the steep hilly forested landscapes that have been dubbed impenetrable because of their legendary thickness.
Ruhija boasts of 3 habituated gorilla families including the Oruzogo, Bitukura and Kyaguriro. These gorilla families take 24 people per day thus presenting 24 gorilla trekking permits for those interested in taking gorilla safaris to Uganda.
The Bitukura gorilla group named after the local river from where it was first sighted bias of 14 members and it was habituated in July 2007 and 15 months down the road the gorilla group had started receiving gorilla trekkers.
The Oruzogo gorilla group boasts of 23 members and it came to the gorilla trekking world in July 20th 2011 thus counted among the new arrival groups for the gorilla tracking experience in Uganda.
Formerly the research group, Kyaguriro boasts of 15 members and apparently it has been set free to be encountered by travellers on gorilla safari in Uganda.
Besides the above, Ruhija is gifted with its cold temperatures. In fact would be prompted to think that he / she is close to Polar Regions when is actually in tropical Africa. It is such a thrilling encounter that should not be missed while on gorilla safaris and tours in Uganda.
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