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Mr. Byaruhanga Herbert’s advice to the Government about local unrests-Uganda safari News

uganda defence forceThe new elected president of the tourism sector Mr. Byaruhanga Herbert advised the government to set and follow strict rules against the local unrests which are carried out by the local people. These are termed in form of strikes as people walk on streets to express their feelings. This has therefore reduced the number of safaris to Uganda since tourists are scared that that they may be harmed. However the tourism board is organized to work hand in hand with the government so as to stop the strikes and hence increase more tours in Uganda.

Mr. Byaruhanga Herbert also said that for the government to get the high Gross Domestic Product, it should invest more in the tourism sector and give it a lot of attention. This will help fight poverty which is due to unemployment. This is because there is economic growth which in return provides employment opportunities to people. However this helps to boost the tourism sector and hence promoting Uganda safaris.

The tour operators evidence it that Uganda has a lot of tourists attractions that people must not miss to see before they die. These include its green nature, Rivers, lakes, tradition, culture, National parks, the kind people, different animals, and many others. These tourist attractions have therefore promoted more safaris to Uganda thereby promoting tourism and developing Uganda as a tourist destination.

The new elected president of tourism says the Uganda tourism board is working together with the government so as to further develop the tourism sector and all the tourist attractions. This has helped to increase the number of visits in Uganda and hence developing Uganda as well since the sector contributes to the Gross Domestic Product of the country.

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