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Murchison Falls- The World’s Most Powerful Waterfall Under Attack!!! – Uganda Safari News

Murchison falls
Murchison Falls

Murchison falls has come under spot light for the past week or so and this time around isn’t because of its allure or magnificent splendor to anyone who sets their eyes on it while on a Uganda wildlife tour  during their Uganda safari but rather because a there has been a development that a south African energy company named Bonang Energy Pty Limited intends to carry out a feasibility study aimed at constructing a hydro power plant below Murchison falls.

This news didn’t go well with the Ugandan tourism and conservation community because Murchison falls is one of the biggest attractions that draw in thousands of tourists to visit the Pearl of Africa on their Africa safari and this culminates into 1.45 billion USD which makes tourism Uganda’s foreign exchange top earner as of 2018 Uganda financial reports.

A Safari Uganda to Murchison falls national park isn’t a complete success without a boat cruise to the bottom of these thunder roaring falls and as a result many Uganda tour packages to Murchison falls national park Uganda feature this boat cruise activity to the bottom the falls as well as hike to the top of the falls as an icing on this wildlife safari Uganda to iconic park. These range from short Uganda safaris or short Uganda wildlife safaris to long Uganda safaris/Long Uganda wildlife safaris including a 2 Days Murchison Park safaria3 Days Uganda wildlife safari to Murchison Falls National Park, a 8 Days Uganda wildlife safari, 7 Days Murchison & Queen wildlife safari Uganda among the many.

A visit to Murchison falls national park has a myriad of activities to be carried out such as a Sport fishing trip, nature walks, Uganda cultural safaris, and Uganda birding safaris which put you in a position to encounter some of the unique bird species that Murchison falls national park their home such as the elusive shoe bill stork, the giant king fishers, goliath herons, secretary birds, Abyssinian ground hornbill and many more of the 450 bird species that are found here. Come an experience a Uganda chimpanzee trekking safari in Murchison falls Budongo forest and a magical experience with man’s closest relative with a 99% similar DNA to that of man.

Kruger National Park South Africa Safari Tours

A visit to Murchison falls National Park isn’t complete with an ideal Uganda wildlife safari drive which culminates into sight of some of 76 mammal species that reside here like the king of the jungle the lions in their prides, leopards, the tallest land mammals on the planet the giraffes, a number of antelopes species. All these have forced the Uganda tourism and conservation fraternity to go up in arms to protest a potential give away of this tropical gem that makes Uganda truly the pearl of Africa. Tourism agencies such as the Uganda Association Tour Operators AUTO, Uganda Wildlife Authority UWA have also vocally raised their dismay on this potential give away of Murchison falls to a disastrous construction of a hydro power plant which will kill off this spectacular icon of Uganda.  It is no this similar note that another tourism organization named Uganda Hotel Owners Association (UHOA), an umbrella body that brings together all hotel owners and hotel investors in Uganda has also come out to give their opinion about government intentions to construct a hydro power dam at Murchison Falls.

Murchison fallsUnder the stewardship of their head Mrs. Suzan Muhwezi, wife to war veteran Jim Muhwezi, during a press conference said that “We ask, why would anybody want to destroy this beauty by building a dam that would destroy this gem that we have in Uganda” Mrs. Muhwezi wondered. She added that “As Uganda Hotel owners Association (UHOA), we would like to join the rest of the tourism community to express our disappointment in this proposal and strongly request government and its agency Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) to reconsider any development to not only Murchison falls but also to any tourist destination.” She went on to say that “However we believe our President who is patriotic and an environmentalist will not do it; to affect our future generation. She concluded by saying “Uganda should remain the Pearl of Africa”. All this is in response to a June 7 notice in which the Uganda  power regulator, Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA), acknowledged receipt of an application by Bonang Power Energy Ltd, but its publication sparked outrage from environmentalists and tourism sector participants and prompted an online petition, which more than 8,500 people had signed by last Wednesday, to oppose the proposed dam.

Now that you know how how interesting Murchison Falls park is, Tour Uganda and discover much more than the highlights of this park. There’s a lot more to see and do in this park than what is mentioned here. A 9 days Uganda tour or 8 Days Uganda safari tours are a perfect way to uncover the Pearl of Africa.

For tourists who would wish to tailor their Uganda safari trips with other East African safaris, Kenya safaris, Tanzania tours, safari to Rwanda or Congo safaris are the top options to tailor in.

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