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Musanze caves to promote tourism in Rwanda-Rwanda safari news

The main rmusanze caveseasons for  promoting the Musanze caves in Rwanda is to boost the tourism industry  in the country. The caves were opened in Rwanda in order to increase the number of tourists who come for safaris to Rwanda; this will greatly help in improving the development of the tourism sector.

The caves have been visited by over 400 people since they were constructed, this has helped in increasing the revenues  and also attracting more tourists to come for safari visits to Rwanda. These caves have given visitors a unique nature experience, hence helping in developing  the tourism sector.The cave construction has also offered many jobs to the people in the region hence increasing their incomes.  

These caves are located in the volcanic regions of the country, where lava has been flowing for over 65 million years ago which lead to the creation of the Albertine Rift Valley. They are two kilometers underneath the ground .these caves are expected to attract millions of tourists by next year.

Rwanda has got many more tourists attractions which include; the mountain gorillas found in volcanoes national park, chimpanzees, the wildlife, national parks, the bird species, the culture of the people of Rwanda and many  more which have helped in attracting more safaris to Rwanda.

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