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Museveni has advised the Basoga people to make use of the Kagulu Hill-Uganda safari News

kagulu hillThe Kagulu Hill is one of the top tourist attractions in Busoga and this is expected to attract many safaris to Uganda. Since there will be more Uganda safaris to the hill the President has therefore commanded that conductors should be fixed on the hill and any other place on the hill that can cause lightening. This will help ensure safety of the tourists will come to hike the hill in the busoga region and this will help boost the tourism sector.

The President has also requested the people to place the steps on the hills so that everyone can be able to hike the hill. This has been done to benefit the elderly tourists who would also love to climb the hill and see different attractions. This will therefore help attract more safaris to Uganda to see this fabulous attraction in the busoga region.

The tourism of busoga region has therefore developed since the president has also promised to construct tarmac roads in the area. This will therefore help the tourists to get comfortable journeys to the tourist sites in busoga while on their Uganda safari. This will therefore attract them to come and carryout more safaris in the region since that are not scared of the accidents.

The President has however encouraged the local people in the busoga region to make use of this tourist attraction so as to attract more safaris in Uganda

as they also earn some thing. This will benefit especially those who specialize in selling food and drinks, those with accommodation facilities like the hotels, lodges and others, those who also hire cars to the tourists and the guides. This will therefore help them improve their standard of living as they earn money form tourists on Uganda safari.

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