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goria safaris in UgandaWhile on safaris to Africa continent, there are activities that you don’t want to miss to enrich your experiences. Well the good news is that Uganda Safaris offers you the best activities which will give you the reason to safari Uganda.

White water rafting is one of the most adventures activities which are done on the Nile. Be coming wild while exploring this beautiful longest river in Africa is the experience you will love to carry with you back home.

Uganda is a beautiful country which gives you the best choices at the destination. Trekking down to Bwindi National Park will give you surprises as you encounter with the Batwa community and engage in gorilla tracking. Gorilla Tracking Safaris is the best Safaris as you enjoy the Challenging Hills and Valleys to Track down this Endangered Mountain gorillas. Come closer to meet the most unique animal which carries about 98% of the human DNA.

Not only will you track down the Mountain gorillas but also the Chimpanzees. Chimpanzees also called chimps are the closest living evolutionary relatives to Human beings. They share a common ancestor with human beings about four millions years ago. Chimpanzee tracking safaris in Kibale National Park gives you the opportunity to meet the living relatives of human being who have not yet evolved and where history of man is stored.

If you are told that Uganda is a must visit destination, then you believe it. The wonders of Uganda are beyond measures. The only mountain with snow cape in the hot and dark continent is Rwenzori Mountains. Rwenzori Mountains also Known as Mountain of the Moon has one of the challenging and exciting adventures that enrich tourists experience while on their safari visits to Uganda. Climbing this mountain to the top is the most beautiful memory you will want to take home. While climbing the mountain you can spot different bird species to enrich your experiences.

Not to mention that, come to the Savannah area the country and visit their wild. Do Game drive in the most beautiful Parks while on your safari tours in Uganda to view different animals of your choice and enrich your experience by seeing the big five.  Game drive done in Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo national park gives you the chances of seeing different kind of animals like Pride of lions, cheetah, leopards, school of hippos, elephants, herd of buffalos, giraffes, zebras among others.

I hope you will not forget to the most treasured thing in Uganda. Have you ever wondered seeing the world in two parts? Well then your question can be answered in Uganda.  This beautiful country is divided by equator which means on your safaris in Uganda you will be excited to see the world in two parts while you stand with your two foot with one in the southern hemisphere and one in the  northern hemisphere.

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