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Must See Cultural Places in Kampala City-Uganda Safari News

cultural -celebrationsKampala is a tourism destination of its own which deserves to be explored by any visitor planning for safaris to Uganda. As it’s the case with other developing cities in Africa, Kampala Capital City of Uganda is serviced with number of world-class hotels such as Sheraton, Serena, Imperial Royal, and Grand Imperial among others. These accommodation places offer the best places to base while on your Uganda safari tour to Kampala. The city is also surrounded with collection nice modern shopping Malls, Art and Craft shops, reputable safari operators that can organize your Uganda safari tour to Kampala at minimal cost.
Kampala City is one of the best cities in Africa where you will never be bored while on your Uganda safari tour. The city located in the central part of Uganda is endowed with different cultural attractions like Uganda National Museum which is taken to be oldest Museum in the whole of East African region. The Famous Museum located on Kiira road in Kamwokya, is register of various cultures and heritages of all the 52 different tribes that are distributed in different parts of Uganda. Your tour to the museum will expose you to the interesting history of  Uganda the pearl of Africa right from colonial era up to date. The most fascinating part of the Museum is that it has collection of traditional or Indigenous musical instruments from different parts of Africa.
When you talk of cultural tour in Kampala, Kasubi Tomb strategically positioned on Kasubi hill, within Kampala is the first site you should explore while on your cultural tour to Uganda. The site is a place where the first Kabakas of the largest Buganda Kingdom were buried and today the place is where Buganda’s complex cultural hierarchy frequently organizes significant centuries-old Ganda rituals. Besides Kasubi, there is also Wamala Tomb perfectly located on the crest of a low hill 12km northwest of central Kampala is one of the cultural sites within Kampala which deserve to be visited while on your Safaris and tours to Uganda. The popular Wamala Tomb is housed in an attractive, traditional, thatched domed building, slightly smaller and older than its counterpart at Kasubi. The hill is the former palace and sacred resting place of Kabaka Mutesa 1’s father and predecessor Kabaka Suuna. The tomb provides unique array of royal artifacts, shields, spears, drums plus other traditional musical instruments which tourists on Uganda Safari holiday must see.
The other impressing cultural attractions include Naggalabi coronation site located in Budo-the site is placed where the Kabaka’s (Kings) of Buganda are coroneted when they are assuming power. The site is one of the respected cultural sites in Uganda. Ssizbwa falls in Mukono is cultural destination of its own which cannot be left out while planning Kampala Cultural tour. The site is famous Buganda Heritage Sites where many natives flock for blessings, wealth, and fortunes and hence your Uganda safari tour to this site is highly recommended.
A visit to Ndere troup Centre will allow you to enjoy unique cultural performances that are presented to visitors on Uganda safaris to Ndere troup Centre. Remember music, dance and drama form constitute the largest percentages of all Ugandan cultures.
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