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Lake Kivu is among the African’s great lakes and has the ten world’s largest island. The lake is the largest lake in Rwanda and the sixth largest in the world. The fresh water lake sparkles in the valley of Rwanda and is enclosed by the steep terraced hills where Kibuye, Gisenyi and Cyangugu towns sit. These beautiful towns provide various activities to tourists like water sports, boat cruise among others

Boat cruising on the lake contributes to tourists’ experiences and satisfactions. The lake provide a good view for spotting different bird species which is advantageous to bird lovers thus a must visit site will on your safaris to Rwanda.

Kigali city is the largest city in Rwanda where most of the government’s offices are found including for the President and his ministries. The city is one of the beautiful cities found in Africa with good roads, buildings, clean streets and hospitable people.  The landscape is one of the attractions which increase the splendor of the city.

Touring the city offers one with an in-depth view of Kigali, the city is more beautiful at night with lights glimmering over the hills and therefore making the city a must visit destination while on your safaris in Rwanda.

Kigali casino is the most exciting place in Rwanda for Gamblers. This is the only casino in Rwanda which provides tourists that experience.  The casino is complete gambling site which gives advice on winning, how to gamble, and gamble articles among others. Try visiting this place to enjoy with friends and have a memory to take home on your safari tours in Rwanda

Mount Kigali is among the tallest hills in Kigali which offers you great view of the city.  Biking on the hill is the most enjoyable experience tourists always love to do while on their safari visits to Rwanda. You can also decide to explore the hill on foot but to do well you should grip the geography and have a map on your hand in order not to get lost
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