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National forestry Authority to protect Budongo Forest- Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

Budongo Forest is a forest found in Eastern Uganda, and it’s commonly known for chimpanzee trekking activities which take place in that forest. The forest has got many wild animals which include; the elephants, monkeys and many species of birds, all these have helped in increasing Uganda safaris.

The National Forestry Authority signed a conservation agreement with local communities which live around Budongo forest so that the forest can be well protected and preserved, this will also help in protecting the wild animals which are found in the forest and also helping in in increasing safaris to Uganda.

Budongo is the largest forest in Uganda and it covers most parts of masindi, Buliisa and Hoima districts, the local communities which are living near the forests are continuously affecting the forest, through charcoal burning and also timber making, this has seriously destroyed the habitants of the animals and also reducing on the number of tourists who come for safaris in Uganda.

This collective agreement which was signed by NFA and the local communities is to help in increasing preserving the forest from getting destroyed by the local people. The local people have also agreed to stop encroaching on the forest in order to encourage wildlife protection which in return will help in developing the tourism sector thus increasing safari trips to Uganda.

The forests has got many tourists activities which have tried to attract many visitors who have visited the forests for safari visits , these activities include; nature walks in the forest, chimpanzee tracking in the forest, bird watching since the forest has got many bird species, butterfly watching and  many more activities.

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