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New branding competition in Uganda.- Uganda safari News

This is a new log which will help in showing the pearl of Africa as a tourist destination. This will help in rebranding Uganda’s tourism to the international level. This Log will help in marketing Uganda to the other countries, which will help in increasing the safari tours to Uganda.

Uganda is considered to be a unique tourist destination; this is due to the unique tourist attractions which are found with in the country. These include; the mountain gorillas which are found in Bwindi impenetrable national park, chimpanzees in Kibale national park and also in Queen Elizabeth national park, others can also be found in budongo forest, mountains, lakes and rivers, bird species, and many others, all these have helped in attracting many people to come and enjoy safaris with in Uganda.

Uganda is not compared to any other country due to its variety of natural and cultural attractions, these have helped in identifying Uganda as a tourist destination and also helped in increasing the revenues of the country, this has also helped in developing the country. Uganda is also refered to as a friendliest country and also gifted by nature, this has helped in increasing safari tours with in Uganda.

This log will help in selling off Uganda to other countries and this will help in increasing the number of people who come for tour visits to Uganda. The government has started the campaign of finding the suitable logo to be able to sell Uganda as a tourist destination. This competition will give an opportunity to artists to express the creativity they have in understating the brand.

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