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New hotel to improve tourism at Namugongo-Uganda safari News

hotelThe Catholic Church has finalized its plans of building a three star hotel at Namugongo shrine which will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for safaris in Uganda. The hotel will help in facilitating the people who come to Uganda in order to celebrate the Martyrs days which happens every year 3 / June.

The idea was brought about by the Archbishop of Kampala during the celebrations of the Catholic Church in marking 135 years while in service. The bishop outlined that the hotel which is going to be constructed will help in accommodating different people who will be visiting Uganda so as to celebrate the martyr’s day in Uganda. This will in addition help in increasing the number of people to come to safari Uganda especially the Catholics.

The Uganda martyrs shrines nearly attracts thousands of people every year and these always lacked accommodation facilities where they can sleep before and after the celebrations, this hotel will help the tourists who travel to Uganda and this will help in raising the amount of revenues from the people who will be using the facility during the celebrations.

The hotel will not only help the people who come for safari tours to Uganda but also those who come to safari Uganda will certainly benefit since the facility will provide accommodation to them while they continue to enjoy the pearl of Africa and its beauty. The building will cost 2.5billions and it will contain 75 rooms which will be self-contained, there will also be a modern library as well as a conference hall.

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