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New initiatives for Uganda tourism sector-Uganda Safari News

Uganda Tourigorilla safaris in ugandasm Board has come up with workshops which will help in improving the tourism sector in future. One of the initiatives will be the tight cooperation with the United Nations world Tourism Organisation; this will aim in implementing the marketing of the tourism industry, which will help in increasing safaris to Uganda.

Another initiative is engaging the local communities in the development of the tourism sector with in the country. This will help in empowering the local people to actively participate in tourism development. The local people will able to produce tourism products like the crafts which can be bought by the tourists hence earning the people some incomes and also increasing Uganda safaris.

Uganda tourism board also is to create an initiative which will help in collaborating with the private stake holders so that they can achieve out of their input since they have greatly marketed and promoted the tourism sector to the outside world. UTB will help in developing and operationalizing market linkages, and also in developing new tourism products so that the number of tourists who come for safari tours to Uganda can increase.

 Uganda Tourism Board has also helped in soliciting funds from all over the world so that the projects of the tourism sector can be well facilitated. This has also brought in the government to increase the finances which are given to the tourism sector in order to help in improving the roads and the accommodation facilities. This will help in increasing the number of people who come for safaris in Uganda.

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