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New uganda Tourism Board put in Office-Uganda safari News

Bahai templeThe Uganda Tourism Board has installed a new board in power  which will run the sector for three years. This will help promote the tourism sector since the new elected board has a lot of potential and knowledge which will help boost the tourism sector and also make tours in Uganda so fantastic hence promoting more safaris in Uganda.

The board is to be headed by Mr. Tumusiime James who is a very educated person and has potential to take over the sector and run everything concerning the sector and also guide the other cabinet members on what to do. This will help them work together so as to get the best and also make tourism the best sector in Uganda hence promoting more Uganda safaris.

There are many tourists attractions in Uganda that travellers must see as they come for tours in Uganda and therefore the new board is working so hard so as to develop the tourism attractions. These include River Nile, different National parks, cultural and traditional centers and so many others. These contribute a lot to the tourism sector since they attract tourists to come for safari visits in Uganda hence promoting the tourism sector.

The tourism sector has to be promoted since it is Uganda’s most foreign exchange earner and therefore if developed the country also gains. The revenue earned from the sector helps to build more infrastructures like roads so as to provide easy transport ,hospitals, hotels schools. This helps to promote more safaris to Uganda.

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