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Nyungwe forest National Park in Rwanda-Rwanda Safari News

Tnyungwe foresthis park is located in south-western Rwanda, and it’s considered to be the best preserved rain forest in the mountains throughout central Africa. This park is located in the watershed between the basin of river Congo and the basin of river Nile. It was established in 2004 and it covers an area of approximately 970km of the rain forest, grassland, swamps and bamboo. This park has greatly attracted many Rwanda safaris, hence increasing revenues to the tourism sector.

This park remains one of the one of the country’s hidden attractions which is filled with many natural resources which are loved by many tourists who come for safaris to Rwanda. The park is covered by canopy since it’s a rain forest. it has many short and long hiking trails which have attracted large tourist numbers.

The hikes into and across the park bring visitors, who seek an active adventure trip  in Rwanda. There are many primates, bird species, trees, shrubs, plants, over 800 mammals, 70 amphibians and the reptiles making the park a bio diversity spot, hence increasing more safari   tours to Rwanda.

The park provides adequate information to the visitors which have helped in encouraging more visitors to come for safari visits to Rwanda. The park encourages hikes which provide good experience to the visitors hence increasing the number of tourists who come for mountain climbing to Rwanda.

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