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Oil extraction threatens wildlife in Uganda-Uganda safari news

Wildlife in UgAfrican elephants at murchison fall NPanda is greatly threated by the oil extraction which is taking place with in the country. This will bring about decrease in the number of wildlife species with in their habitants, since there will be decreased number of safaris which might affect the tourism sector’s revenues. Most oil is found in the Albertine region in west of the country, yet this part is filled with many wildlife species which have continued to attract many tourists.

Oil extraction in Uganda is mainly carried out in order to help in eradicating poverty but however, this will help in promoting economic growth but will also lead in destruction of many wild life species which has for long attracted many Uganda safaris. However oil will lead to wildlife extinction hence affecting the tourism sector.

There are many wildlife species with in the country and these are found in the many national parks which include; Murchison falls national park which harbours animals like; the lions, leopards, elephants and many more, Bwindi impenetrable national park which has many mountain gorillas and these have attracted many gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda, queen Elizabeth national park, lake Mburo national park, lake Bunyonyi and Rwenzori national park, all these will be affected by continuation of oil extraction hence reducing safari tours to Uganda.

However, oil money is expected to bring in high developments which will also help in bringing in electricity especially to the local people who live around the oil extraction areas. There will also be development of roads and other services which will help in facilitating the poor. This will at the same time help in increasing safaris to Uganda.

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