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Oil survey to affect the mountain gorillas-Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

A resting ChimpanzeeThis survey which has been started by the British company in different countries will automatically affect the mountain gorillas which have been attracting many gorilla trekking safaris; this will reduce the revenues of the respective countries and affect the development of the tourism sector in the country.The oil explorations Virunga National park in Congo is bound to destroy the gorilla habitants, since they are bringing about the misplacement of mountain gorillas from one place to another, this will definitely affect gorilla safaris which will reduce the revenues of the country and also the development of the tourism sector.The oil survey is a danger to the mountain gorillas since they will acquire diseases which will kill them leading to their reduced numbers, this will reduce mountain gorilla tracking safaris which will bring about reduced numbers of tourists who travel to Uganda, Congo and Rwanda.However, there are many threats which have always affected the mountain gorillas in their habitants, these are some of the threats; Diseases have greatly affected gorillas and these have led to reduced numbers which has also reduced gorilla safari visits to Nationals parks where these gorillas are found.Another threat to the mountain gorillas is the activities of the poachers who have constantly killed the gorillas and others are kidnapped, this has affected the mountain gorilla trekking tour which has led to reduced revenues with in the respective countries harboring mountain gorillas.

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