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Online marketing developing Uganda’s tourism sector-Uganda safari News

gorillas in UgandaUganda has continuously ranked high in marketing using the internet and this has helped in developing the tourism sector with in the country and at the same time increasing the number of safaris to the country. Online marketing has helped in making the fields of tourism to be well known to the people internationally and also to attract visitors and investors to Uganda.

 The ranking was made in big organizations which deal with marketing on a global basis and it showed that Uganda has achieved out of using internet to market itself as a tourist destination. This was based on global research that was showing increasing numbers of people who come to Uganda for safari tours and this has increased the amount revenues which is collected from the tourists.

 On line marketing has also continued to attract more investors who have travelled to the country in order to improve the tourism sector and this has also helped in attracting more safari visits to Uganda. The tourism industry of Uganda has greatly benefited from online marketing since 70% of the travellers use the internet for searches and other things.

Uganda ranks 8 in Africa in using online marketing and this is a great opportunity since there have been an increased number of people who have traveled to Uganda in order to enjoy the beauty of safari tours with in the country, this has helped in increasing the development of the tourism sector with in the country.

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