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The outbreak of typhoid in Kampala; is it a threat to tourists – Uganda safaris news

Kampala is the Uganda’s main capital and is the point of entry by a range of travellers that undertake safaris in Uganda. It is therefore unfortunate to note that there has been an outbreak of Typhoid infection in this city. The counts of the reported cases has reached 500 in various parts of Kampala and most of these cases are concentrated in city slums which are relatively out of reach by Uganda safari undertakers. The parts include the down town taxi parks and the markets around.
The Ministry of Health and the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) health officials have advised the city dwellers to desist from consuming street juices, fruits an ice cream which are sold by the vendors in order to avoid the mentioned infection. The suspected sources include the contaminated water sources such as wells that are tapped in by a range of people who cannot afford piped water.
However, there Health officials and the tourism Authorities pointed out that the thing has nothing to do with tourists and that at the moment there is no need for preventative medication or additional precautions that should be directed to travellers that intend to undertake safaris to Uganda.
The backup is that the tourist circuits in the city rarely feature those areas where the infection has been reported. As the tourist tend to walk in the upper Kampala lanes visiting the craft shops along Buganda road and the National Theatre, encounter the bustle and hustle on Kampala road and at times an extension to Luwum and William streets. Other tourist service providers who used to extend the travellers to have an encounter in that area have reconsidered their move for some time resorting to other impressive features like the monuments near Sheraton, the law courts and the railway station as Kampala has diverse attractions to offer to travellers on safari in Uganda.
The Ministry of Tourism and the Uganda Tourism Board have not yet issued any statement regarding the matter.
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