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Paladise Malahide

The Paladise Malahide presets an ideal resting encounter in the shadows of the rolling hills intercepted by the expanse water basin of Lake Kivu.

Positioned at 7km from the Gisenyi downtown, the Paladise Malahide presents a cozy and yet accommodation arrangement on the shores of Lake Kivu.

The Paladise Malahide presents a perfect base to explore the Kivu Lake including engaging in activities like swimming, boat cruise and fishing or relaxation after the remarkable mountain gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park.  The Paladise Malahide features a traditional dance troupe that performs for the guests presenting their remarkable dance styles, drum beats and amazing songs.

The Paladise Malahide features a Restaurant and the Grill and the dishes served feature the traditional touch of the Rwandan ingredients and flavors. These include the grilled Tilapia along with the Isambaza.

The Accommodation at Paladise Malahide is offered in private bungalows with great comfort built using the volcanic rock and wood thus giving them a natural blend with the surroundings.  The rooms are ten (10) in number configured as six (6) bungalows along with four (4) Apartments.

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