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Pangolin Encounters in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Pangolin encounters are less popular on a Uganda safari, though the activity is now being thought of more within Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It is one of the best ventures you will enjoy during your Uganda safari.

The IUCN lists Pangolins as a threatened species and they are on the Red List of extinction. These small animals are solitary and mostly active during nighttime. They are uniquely covered in tough and overlapping scales with a long tail and tongue.

The Uganda Conservation Foundation lists 4 species of the Pangolin that you can see in Uganda, that is the long-tailed black-bellied pangolin, tree or white-bellied pangolins, cape or Temmink’s ground pangolin, and the giant pangolin.

The Pangolin is a special animal as it is one of the most iconic totems of the Baganda people from the Buganda Kingdom known as Olugave.

During the Uganda safari, you can encounter the different Pangolin species around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for a better safari experience. The Pangolin Rescue Center in the outskirts of Buhoma offers the best experiences of meeting these creatures and you get to know more of the work done to conserve the species.

It was founded in 2015 to rescue, rehabilitate, and release Pangolins in Uganda. Over the years, the Center has been able to rescue over 150 Pangolins and it has put them back in their natural habitat.

The experience of encountering Pangolins is roughly 90 minutes and you get to enjoy up-close views of the endangered creatures. This is the best time to take memorable photos and get to know more about their care.

If you want to encounter the Pangolin experience, it is advised to book accommodation in the Buhoma sector the northern sector of Bwindi National Park.

The Pangolin Conservation Project

All the 8 Pangolin species are currently threatened with extinction. Most of the African Pangolins are targeted for intercontinental markets, especially in Asia. This is because the Pangolin Meat is consumed as a delicacy and for social status, and their scales are used as traditional medicine.

Illegal trafficking is the main threat to the Pangolins in Uganda as it threatens their population.

The Pangolin Conservation Project, funded by Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Uganda Wildlife Authority, and other conservation partners works together with the right equipment to rescue confiscated Pangolins.

They have done better work as there is improvement in protecting the 4 Pangolin species of Uganda. Together, they have educated the Bwindi National Park surrounding communities about the advantages of protecting Pangolins, especially the Batwa.

If you are on a Gorilla safari, you can look out for the endangered species, if lucky, you can see the species and you should make the Batwa community experience part of the Uganda safari so that you empower the Batwa about the purposes of conservation.

Reach out to us for a better experience of Pangolin encounters on a Uganda safari.