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Poaching acts reduced in Uganda -Uganda safari News

poachingPoaching in Uganda has been a major threat to tourism and this had reduced the number of animals in Uganda hence reducing the number of safaris to Uganda. This was carried out in different National parks in Uganda and different places where the wild animals that attract Uganda safaris live. Poaching was a major threat to the tourism sector hence registering fewer safaris to Uganda and under developing the tourism sector.

Hunters and poachers used to poach animals like the elephants, leopards, buffaloes and so many others for purposes of meat, skin, horns and some used to earn a living from the act. This had therefore reduced many safaris in Uganda and reduced the number of animals in the parks. This had lowered the development of the tourism sector and the economy of Uganda as well.

The Uganda tourism board therefore worked hard to fight for the tourism sector by suggesting strict laws against the act. Laws like spot killing of the poachers, life imprisonment and so many others were put in place so as to fight for tourism in Uganda and attract more Uganda safaris. This has therefore reduced poaching in Uganda hence maintaining the number of animals in Uganda and more safaris to Uganda as a tourist destination.

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