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Poaching Arrest still going on in Uganda-Uganda safari News

poachingPoaching is the illegal killing of wild animals and was prohibited in Uganda since it leads to a reduction of wild animals which attract tourists therefore reducing safaris to Uganda. The president called for spot killing of the poachers so as to stop the activity and increase more safaris in Uganda. This had therefore led to a fall in the poaching act but however recently a case has been raised about poaching.

In Kanungu district there were two suspected poachers caught in Queen Elizabeth National Park with meat. These were taken to Kanungu Police station by the game rangers of the park. This will therefore show an example to the rest of the people that the police is not reluctant about this case. This will help reduce poaching in Uganda hence increasing more Uganda safaris.

Poaching is very bad because many wildlife animals are killed yet they are very essential to the tourism sector and tourists like tracking them while on their Uganda safaris. By all means therefore the police have to stop the act so as to further develop the tourism sector. This will therefore market Uganda as a safe country hence registering more tourists coming for safaris to Uganda.

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