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Poaching has been reduced in Uganda-Uganda safari News

gorillaThe wildlife animals in Uganda have been facing a problem of poaching and this has reduced the number of gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda. Poaching is where animals are illegally killed. This had reduced the number of animals in the National parks of Uganda hence reducing the number of safaris to Uganda.

Before there were no strict laws against poaching which had increased the act. This had therefore given poachers a chance to carry out the act with no control hence reducing the number of wildlife animals in Uganda and therefore reducing safari visits to Uganda. This had also reduced the revenues of the country since the tourism sector is the major foreign exchange earner.

However strict laws have been put in place so as to stop the act of poaching. These include spot shooting of the poachers and life Imprisonment of the poachers. These have scared them off and have decided to drop the act hence increasing the number of wildlife which attracts tourists to come for more safari visits in Uganda. This has also helped boost the tourism sector through the revenues earned from the tourists hence making Uganda a tourist destination.

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