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Poaching increases in Karamoja-Uganda safari News

poachingDespite the fact that the Uganda Wildlife Authority had put strict laws against poaching so as to increase more safaris to Uganda, the people of Karamoja have continued to carry out the act where they kill the animals and sell them to earn a living or for meat at their homes. This has reduced the number of animals in their area and therefore reduced Uganda safaris.

The poachers claim there is a lot of hunger and poverty in their area which therefore forces them to poach the wildlife animals so as to get what to eat. This is taken as survival to the poachers but a negative effect to the tourism sector therefore needs to be stopped so as to promote the tourism sector through attracting many safaris in Uganda.

The poachers were therefore arrested so that others who had intended to carry out the act can get a lesson and do not even try to. This will therefore help conserve the wildlife animals in the National parks of Uganda so as to increase more Uganda safari tours. This in turn will help develop the tourism sector and make Uganda a tourist destination.

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