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President Museveni & Uhuru launch Busia Border – Uganda Safari news

Busia border is one of Uganda’s largest border post that handles both human and cargo movements. It follows Malaba border post in Uganda. President Museveni and his counterpart president Uhuru on Saturday launched the grand opening of the Busia post-border. Mr. Museveni aired out that this border will boost trade between the two countries.

The opening of the Busia border will also encourage and boost domestic tourism between Kenya and Uganda. This will encourage the free movement of people from both countries to explore diverse wildlife, fauna and flora and different tourism sites in both countries. The Busia border will also encourage tourists movement from both countries. These tourists can engage in Uganda safari tours, Kenya safari activities, Uganda gorilla tracking safaris, or Kenya wildlife safari tours. Tourists from Kenya who are interested in Congo gorilla safari tours can go through the Busia border, make a brief stop in Uganda and proceed to DR Congo for the gorilla trek.

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President Museveni and President Uhuru at the opening.

The Presidents’ Remarks…

Museveni during his speech also added that it is unfortunate that a big family was split by the colonial masters. We as brothers and sisters have to rebuild and re-unit our family. Having the Busia border opening will help strengthen the ties between the Kenyan and Ugandan community.

President Uhuru mentioned that while he was sworn in as president, he made an oath of bringing together the East African community. He added that this will help to improve on our economic stature as East Africa. He also said that it will help us compete with the economic giants like China, India among other countries.

The Busia border was worth $12million which is equivalent to 44billion shillings. The construction process was done by cross-border business advisory organization and Trade Mark East Africa. The East African community got funding from the UK Department of International Development.

The function was honored by different ministers from Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. The Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kuteesa also attended the occasion.


Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

President Museveni & Uhuru launch Busia Border – Uganda safari news

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