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Fetching swamp water
Fetching swamp water

The president of Uganda-Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, in November 2012 invited members of youth go green campaign to state house Entebbe for a one day meeting.In this meeting the president presented a paper/document about environment degradation in Uganda.The environment minister plus several environment experts attended this meeting and shared a variety of Uganda`s environment concerns and forged a way forward.

According to the president ,Uganda is faced with several environmentalUganda safaris industry threats categories that include among others;global threats created by greed from developed countries that generate green house gases such as water vapor methane,regional threats generating drying of wetlands by conversion of wetlands into rice fields and the rampart destruction of vegetation and trees.This has consequently led to the silting of lakes rivers resulting into flooding as has been clearly witnessed in Teso region of Uganda  which greatly affects the Uganda safari industry.

The lack of electricity has also contributed to environmental degradation.The lack of adequate electricity forces people to use too much fire wood as fuel/gas.Ugandans use to a tune of 41 million cubic meters of fire wood per year an equivalent of 45,000 megawatts of electricity.Uganda therefore has to be fully industrialized so as to save the biomass.other than that, Ugandans will always encroach on wetland and forests causing global warming and destruction of animal habitats which reduces Wild life such as Gorillas in Uganda, a factor that negatively affects the  Uganda tour business.

The rise or increment in environmental challenges have led to rising concerns and impacts on the environment.The rising sea level water, deforestation and the reduction

in natural resources are evident effects of environment degradation.Animals such as Mountain Gorilla, Baboons, Chimpanzees with in Uganda`s Forest National Parks have greatly been affected by man`s encroachment on the green vegetation because it is their source of habitat and food.

Air and water pollution have left the earth without air to breath for many years ,all living things that duel in mother planet earth depend on air, therefore all life on earth depend on the how the earth breathes.The better the air the better all life on earth.The environment is further degraded by enormous deforestation,it is how ever never too late to repair the damage caused.

It is how ever good to see that many people today are emphasizing the need to plantmore trees (go green)to save the environment from degradation.This appeal has been taken up by various giant corporate agencies as part of their corporate social responsibility programes to give back to the community.

This effort (program) has in effect increased positive public awareness with regard to environment degradation and management.It has high time all Ugandans take up all possible measures or means geared towards effective saving our environment to in turn promote Uganda safari and Uganda tours or tourism in Uganda.

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